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My name is Gregory Podgorniak. Conception of game was invented by me in 2009 and connects to invented in 1970 game Mastermind. A great advantage of Expertmind ver 2.2 is finished up drawing modul leaning on the clean aleatory function - Randomize - In case of Mastermind and Super Mastermind this modul takes into account also non typical configurations, statistically rare but often preferred by players such as alternant, corners, two same and two same, three same and two same etc.. You can display informations clicking on their field, and remember that computer is always giving right informations, it was checked many times. At this moment is available old version of game with name Supermind. The application requires a mouse to operate.

Application download

picture 1. Screens from program, from left - Expertmind (previous name of game - Supermind), Mastermind and Super Mastermind


The aim of game is find a hidden arrangement. Player sets up some combination and computer is giving informations:

- one on place

- one not on place


computer is giving informations:

- two in vertical corners on place

- two in vertical corners not on place

- two central vertical on place

- two central vertical not on place

- four vertically on place

- four vertically not on place

- four horizontally on place

- four horizontally not on place

more informations see PDF instructions

email contact: podgorniakgre@gmail.com

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