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Return of a big danger...

One can believe or not into theory of reincarnation, but for my money this is one from religious conceptions which is valid - of course after certain and pretty thorough corrections, for example conception of karma is in big degree a superstition. Now in years 2030-2060 or 2090-2120 (what less probable, similarly as admissible whole range 2040-2110), it can be expected following public activity of A.Hitler. This information can appear insomuch important that probably he will lead to unleashing of nuclear war, what predictably will cause annihilation of biosphere. It is worth to notice that if he caused eruption of World War II so on the same basis his future political activity is practically tantamount with eruption of world war III.

One from basic methods of protection against effects of nuclear conflict is extension and improving system of atomic shelters. To much greater quantities, sizes and technical abilities than hitherto. Even building shelters of sizes of cities, equipped with ability of botanical and agricultural pro duction, access to sources of water, ability of production of energy, industrial production and mining economy - let us notice that even many years of stay in shelters does not protect against long term effects of radiation, pollution of flora, waters and atmosphere.

If this prognosis will not prove correct this will mean that I was right, because Hitler can be held back on the earlier stage, he can also be weakened. Whereas it will prove correct this then of course it will also prove that I was right. To avoid suspicions of formulating arguments of which cannot be subjected to the empirical verification, I can add 'probably' before in years 2030-2060 or 2050 etc.. It is worth to notice that the date of his following birth can be connected with terrorist attack on World Trade Centre in New York from September 2001. The date 2013 also seems likely.
More exact time estimations - beginning of his perceivable activity possible from 2036 to 2045. From 2045 to 2060 visible aggressive political activity. From 2040-2050, war conflict with mass use of nuclear weapons. Round date of eruption of war 2045, 56 years after cold war this is as many as it took and as many years as Hitler had in a moment of death (1945). He can appear in such countries as China - motivating war with need of living space for overpopulated country, with racism, in Russia - after a lost cold war with reference to a tradition of communism, nationalism, chauvinism etc. or in several other. He comes to authority through military or political overturn, obtainment of general rank (eventually lower) or political position. Besides nuclear strike threatens also biological or chemical attack on a large scale as well as terrorist biological or chemical attack on a large scale.
It is worth to add that in fact both - cold war and future war was and will be in a big degree also effect of politics of democratic president of USA H.Truman (1945-1953) - he made 'gift' for USSR in the form of Atomic weapon - what was a greatest political mistake in history. Truman procrastinated so long till the competitive power accessed to the new military technology. An other less meaning but a serious mistake was a foundation of post war Israel as small, located in unfavourable climatical conditions state. It should be formed big country for example on an area of south part of Africa - a side effect of such activities would be large migration of Jewish population diffuse in different countries to this new state which would become in the future one of regulators and stabilizers of political situation both regionally as and in the world scale.
From time of invention of atomic weapon, mankind is standing on a verge of following total conflict. A period of so called cold war 1945-1991 was time of stable tenseness and permanent threat of such confrontation. Later followed detente which will last fairly long time. Then it comes, unless will undertake remedial steps, to a sudden conflict and series of nuclear strikes on a large scale.

Gregory Podgorniak, Poland, 2012

* There is a high probability that the prediction described above will not come true because God may intervene.

(year 2023)

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